Monday, June 1, 2009

attitude changes everything

ever since i moved from my apartment in burnaby to a basement suite in vancouver, i've had no shortage of computer/internet problems. for over a month, my laptop would crash whenever i tried reconnecting to the internet, which was probably about 10x a day. it got to a point where i was ready to smash it on the ground/throw it into the ocean and i was thisclose to buying a macbook.

then my landlord moved out from upstairs, and a new family moved in, but we didn't have internet for nearly 2 weeks, because telus couldn't come to install it earlier (landlord had shaw). i don't have computer/internet access @work (not to mention i'm only there for like 15hrs/week) and there weren't any unsecured networks around, so i had to go to the library/starbucks every day just to check email/fb/twitter etc etc.

about 2 weeks after we got internet, i got a note from the family upstairs saying they couldn't share internet with us (me and girl in the other suite) anymore, because there was a copyright infringement complaint filed against them! the other girl had downloaded a CSI torrent @work, and brought it home to be careful those of you who d/l!!

so i had to call telus and get internet installed downstairs, and this is where things got really interesting!the earliest they could come was a week later, which meant another week @the library/jackie's/starbucks. when the guy came to install internet, he said he didn't have a modem for me because the order didn't say i needed one. i called telus to ask why i didn't get a modem, and they said they made a mistake on the order so they'd get one to me the next day. it didn't come the next day, so i called them again to ask where it was, and they said it got sent to my old address. installation guy got it right, why didn't they get it right this time? then they said the earliest they could get the modem to me was a week later, because they depended on canada post's schedule. no idea how that works, since they were able to send it to my old address the next day, but not this time?very strange indeed.

i finally received the modem a week later, only to find that there was no internet connection. i called them again and they said someone would get back to me within the next 3 days. that was the last straw.

after a week of phoning telus almost everyday, being put on hold, yelling at the manager, getting frustrated and waiting for the modem and callbacks, i finally got internet at home! that was the climax of 3 months' worth of comp/internet frustrations.

what changed? i was sick and tired of being frustrated and pissed off, but i couldn't help it, because i've never had this much trouble with internet ever..and then i dropped my phone on the ground and the touch screen didn't work at all, so i was totally freaking out, since it was all i had left to connect with the world. i cried and then i decided to just accept it and let it go, since there was really nothing else i could do. part of life, right?

and then i started singing some worship songs...cuz i remembered what my pastor said that sunday-when we worship and sing praises to God, we're sticking it to the enemy! haha.. the next day, telus called and said i was lucky, cuz a technician was able to drop by that day and see what was wrong with the connection, turned out that the first guy didn't connect it properly, so he fixed it, and i finally finally had internet working. later that night @CG, i showed my phone to DK and he just snapped it back together and it worked again! i was so frustrated the day before i didn't even notice it had cracked open.

everything was made right again in just one day!after i decided to let it go, and realized that i am not lacking anything to survive, to say the least. i have a job, a place to live, food to eat, enough clothes to last me 2 months, supportive family and church community...i have much more than i actually need, so i have no right to complain. but of course, it's always easier to say once you're on the other side..

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