Friday, November 13, 2009

sometimes i am forgetful

as i settled into routine life and work in this beautiful city, i forgot to be thankful for how i got here. i know you're all probably sick and tired of hearing about it for the millionth time.. but i've been reminded lately of how much favour God has lavished on me since coming here, and i still can't wrap my head around it- why me, God? and i didn't even do a single thing besides receive the blessings!

but God didn't just stop there..

i had to move out from my other place in Vancouver (miss living there sooo much cuz it was so central!) cuz of my landlord, and the endless killings of daddy long legs cuz it was a basement. i decided to try and find a place in 2 days, so i could give my landlord 30 days notice, haha.. and not only did i find a place in just 2 days, but it was cheaper (and the price i was hoping to pay), twice the size of my old place, has high ceilings, radiant heating, stainguard carpet, and CABLE TV!!!!!!!!i haven't had cable for 6 years, so it's quite awesome. it's in Richmond, where basements don't exist, so no more spiders either! so basically i got everything i was looking for, and then some.

oh and i got another job.

i got a call for an interview a week before i moved, and when i went to see her 2 days after i moved, she basically hired me on the spot, just like w/my other job! she had my resume from LAST November, so she called me, because her chinese MT was going on mat leave in January. it's only a 5 min drive from my new place, and i don't even have to quit my current job because she's going to work around my schedule, so i'll be going from working 13hrs/week -> 28hrs/week in January!

the job came pretty much out of nowhere, and happened SO quickly too. i think she hired me on the spot mainly cuz i'm chinese and they do a lotta work w/chinese residents there haha.. but i've actually never worked w/chinese seniors before (ones who only speak chinese), and singing mando/canto songs! so after orientation w/the MT, i thought i'd be totally screwed cuz i can barely get by reading and speaking chinese, let alone singing songs!

but God took care of that too.

that same week, there was a MT workshop on songs to use w/multicultural people, and one of them worked w/chinese seniors, so i got some resources there, and then i went to the local MT conference 2 weeks later, and there was a workshop specifically for chinese songs!! seriously, what are the chances?!

it's been blessing after blessing after blessing... and just when i thought His extravagance had come to an end, He gave me even more. there has never been such a time as this in my life (well, as far as i can remember anyway) and i don't understand why, because i'm no better than the next person.

actually what inspired me to write this post was because when i attended the MT conference, and talked/listened to other MTs, i realized how FREAKING lucky i was to have only 2 jobs = (nearly) full-time hours. because typically when people start their MT careers, they'll have multiple jobs at different places, working a few hours at one location, then traveling to another to work for another few hours. i'm talking like 3-5 different places, and that's just the norm because it's much cheaper to hire a contractor (no benefits/paid holidays) for a few hours/week instead of employing an MT full-time (w/benefits, etc).

and while i told people i found my first MT job in 3 months, in reality it was really only ONE month (including the time spent sending out resumes), which is amazing, especially for a specialized profession as this, because we're not like accountants where companies hire a number of them, but each place only hires one MT, so once that position's filled, that's it, end of story.

at the conference, i didn't even want to tell people about my second job, because i felt so bad that some were still struggling to find contracts, while i was basically set in terms of working hours in just less than a year of working. i'm just incredibly blessed and humbled by His extraordinary show of love on me. and all i can do is praise Him and testify of His goodness.