Tuesday, March 10, 2009

things that warm my heart

-the imoo boys: they just melt my heart. one is 2 years old, and i've had the chance to help his mom put him to sleep twice, at the end of which he says, "i love you tasey"..it's the most precious thing in the world!!honestly it'd be ok if i died now. and when i get to hold his baby brother, who's almost 3 months old, everything is good in the world again when i see him sleep peacefully in my arms. i just can't explain it...i don't want to let him go even when my arm starts going numb.
-random words of kindness in conversation.. ie. talking to you always makes me smile :)
-talking to my sisters on the phone-we never did until last fall
-vanilla bean lattes from second cup
-seeing the kids @church hug each other spontaneously
-catching up w/close friends one-on-one
-receiving cards/pictures/packages in the mail
-chilling out in one of my sisters' rooms talking about nothing and acting stupid/weird to make them laugh
-seeing the snow-capped mountains in the distance on a clear day
-having dinner as a whole family at home
-when joshua calls his brother "baby matthew!" with a big smile on his face
-random text messages from friends
-walking in/next to the ocean and listening to the waves