Saturday, April 11, 2009

the moments i work for/why i love my job

many times when people ask me how my job's going i don't always have the best response.. because i forget things easily, and the tiredness and sore throat stay with me long after i finish working.

when work is over, i forget about it, and i leave it behind.. maybe a little too much.

i forget about the brief instances where a genuine connection was formed, and i forget about the moments that reaffirm my calling to this occupation and makes it all worth it.

like when they just sang goodbye to me spontaneously after i finished singing goodbye to them. or when someone said they missed me after not seeing them for a week, or when family members/staff tell me how much the residents enjoy the music, and i receive constant appreciation and thanks for my job.

after i finished a session last week, one of the residents said to me, you know that was just under an hour but in a place like this, a day can be really long..

not to mention that God has blessed me in all the different aspects of my job...kind, sweet residents to work with (save for a few), family members/staff who help me set up for sessions, a manager who believes in me and what i do even though she hasn't seen 85% of my work, and nearly double the number of work hours in a week after i started (from 10 to 18 hours)!!

i think He really wants to show me just how much He loves me, cuz i didn't do anything to deserve all of those extra cherries on top, to say the least!