Thursday, February 19, 2009

torontonian no more

yesterday i went to get my car insurance, license plates, and driver's license changed over from Ontario -> BC, so i had to surrender my license plates and license as well... *tear!

after taking off my ontario license plates and putting on my new BC ones, i was giddy with excitement, as i drove to meet an old friend visiting from TO, with my windows down and the sunshine pouring on me... i was on top of the world, because this was my first step in officially declaring that i'm going to be living here on the west coast. i'm a vancouverite now!

it was definitely more bittersweet than exhilarating when i had to give up my driver's licenses (my expired and recently renewed one). my eyes widened and i think my mouth dropped a little when the person stapled them to a piece of paper and then proceeded to mark them up with a black sharpie w/my new BC license #.... there was no way of turning back now.

2 years ago when i was first considering doing my internship over here, i was not ready for all that He had prepared in advance for me, nor was i expecting the abundance of blessings of truth spoken into my life and His persistent ways of loving me. i have never ever felt so loved by Him until i came here, and that's largely because of my church and cg, because His Spirit moves plainly amongst them.

so even though it crushed my heart to see the last pieces of my ontarian identity be taken away, and therefore acknowledging that my home is not in Toronto anymore, i am relieved that after a whole year of playing limbo between the two cities, it's finally over!!i'm expecting more craziness this year, and i'm proud to say that i'm a west coaster now....

but i will always be torontonian when it comes to driving.

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