Wednesday, February 25, 2009

better late than never, right?

my goals for this year:

1. Drive down the coast to Califooooornia this summer
2. Finish my music therapy accreditation
3. To be fully independent financially
4. Go camping somewhere this summer
5. Persuade TO friends to visit me, if not move here
6. Save up $$ to visit Min in Australia in the next 2 years
7. Meet people outside of church
8. Attempt the Grouse Grind
9. Exercise 2x/month... as opposed to 1x/year..
10. Take better photos
11. Go to Vegas for a shopping spree and see "O"
12. Learn how to rollerblade and attempt blading on the seawall again
13. Go white water rafting and sailing

guess that was more of a "what i want to do this summer" list...but i do live for the summer :)

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