Sunday, August 16, 2009

crazy goodness day

i would say it's arguably one of the best days i've had in a life isn't very exciting ok?

it all began in the early morn with a $2 tank top sale @old navy, because i dyed my white tanks pink in the laundry, so i bought 5 new ones for $10, which was the reg. price for ONE tank. SCORE!

then on my way home, i JUST missed getting another ticket at the same stop sign from last summer: i was the first car and i braked, but i don't think i stopped for the full 3 seconds, since i wasn't really awake yet, and then i noticed the police car right there, so i braked again like there was another stop sign ahaha and when the car behind me pulled up beside me, the policeman came out and stopped the other car and let me go!!!!PHEWWWW.. God definitely saved me there!!cuz usually it's the first car that gets screwed lol..

then i headed for granville island to meet up w/steve and adrian, where i got a little pink from sake tasting (cuz i didn't eat anything yet!)..then i had a scallop burger, during which i got a call from a friend currently training in the navy (and has limited means of communication) - yayyy :D

then i got ANOTHER call from a rental place i fell in love with yesterday, but had lost hope for because he wanted someone for sept 1st, but i could only move on the 15th, because i had to give my landlord 30days notice. so he agreed to it!!!!! it's at least 2x the size of my place now, it's NOT a basement, and it's cheaper, all inclusive-basic cable too!oh, and 9ft ceilings or something...and i've only looked for 2 days. this was probably the best and most exciting part of the day-month, even! because i'd given up already, since he was pretty adamant about starting on the 1st, and then everything just turned around, just like that! only by His hands, that's for sure.

then we happened upon a hippie festival in kits, which turned out to be a 40yr anniversary celebration of woodstock, where i discovered the new opening of david's tea on 4th!!!!which i'd only found in TO last summer and thoroughly enjoyed.

then i went to a chinese wedding banquet accompanying lina, where we were 2/6 people at a 10 person table, meaning....everyone took home at least 2 boxes of food each and a full stomach..then walked it off at the night market to finally end a long, eventful but definitely aweeesome day..

i was so excited(or wired from the 2 caffeine doses..) the whole day, i was seriously worried i'd get into some big mess, like a car accident or something cuz i was floating on cloud 9, and i enjoy driving especially even more in that state of bliss, so carefree and just might not be fit for the road.

wow i'm tired.

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