Sunday, February 24, 2008

6 weeks and 4 days

that's how long i lasted before i got homesick-it's practically a record.

i don't know what it was..maybe spending time with my relatives on friday, maybe realizing that my best friends are at least a 4.5hr plane ride away. despite having an incredibly fun week and going out almost every night, it finally hit me, especially with the cards/packages in the mail and texts on my birthday.

don't get me wrong, i had fun on my birthday and my friends were incredibly sweet and spoiled was just missing my family-friends i got to know over the last 4 years who became closer than my actual family. they taught me how to love like Christ, encouraged and supported me endlessly, and spurred me on in my walk with Him by being brutally honest with me.

they made it extremely difficult for me to leave and make new friends over here. even with all the communication technology that makes it easy to keep in touch, nothing can ever replace being with them in person.

God has blessed me with awesome (and very interesting) new friends here, so i'm slowly warming up to them and i try to focus on all the amazing things He's blessed me with here...

it's just that sometimes i can't help but wish they were here to experience BC with me too.

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evie said...

as promised.. I'm reading :) I know we didn't get to really touch on "life life" today when we talked - so more talkage soon!

hang in there this week Trace... there's a reason why you're there. Home will always be here :)